Market presence

You may want to have a presence in one or a number of the markets we cover; to satisfy existing customers and prospects, to manufacture, process or assemble products in a particular country, to protect against liability claims, and to minimize certain tax or custom duty-related costs.

Do you merely want to have a USA-based address (so you do not appear "foreign")? Do you want to have people traveling to customer sites within the country? Do you want this virtual office to handle support calls as well? Are you after getting sales, or also providing a service out of this office?


Plans Basic Marketing Export
Business adress
Mail collection, management and forwarding to any location worldwide *
Pick up and drop off location
Registered Agent services
Access to conference rooms *
Dedicated and exclusive US, Brazil, Europe,  telephone number  
Website management in French, Spanish, Portuguese and German *  
Social networks maintenance: facebook, twitter, linkedin.  
Leads generation    
Storage & Show room *    
Delivery just in time    
Sales man representative    
Customer service    
  60 €/month 200 € /month 400€ /month