SEO and other digital marketing tools

In my previous post I tried to give a gentle introduction to what SEO is, and why it matters. For website owners who need to get traffic to their websites, SEO is an investment in effort and money like any other that requires a pragmatical approach in order to asses if the expected ROI (Return On investment) justifies that investment. Time is an other factor that is to be taken in consideration, working for good SEO results takes some time as it depends on various factors like: the level of competition in your niche , the targeted keywords ...

Getting to SEO

The Internet since its advent is shaping the way humans are living. It has been compared very often to a spider's net, and this metaphor is true in so many ways. Its strings are surrounding a great deal of our lives' aspects. Although it is not meant to trap you, but for some people it feels just like so! This feeling is due to the fact of not knowing enough. The Internet is built, run, nest and is a dependency for a huge number of technologies, it was the center of hard work and achievements of millions of people for the paste decades and yet the best is to come. No one is required to wrap his mind around all it involves in order to feel comfortable using it and profit from it, yes profit! isn't it the single most reason behind the thriving it has.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

If a website is not properly optimized and marketed, it has no chance of gaining high positions in search engines or being popular. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) including search engine optimization (SEO) is absolutely mandatory to drive traffic to the website for achieving highest amount of return on investment.

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