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This service was created to provide a solution for the SMEs that sell online. Most of the websites of SMEs do not sell because they are not given the adequate promotional resources. Achieving sales on the web is always preceded by the hard work of promoting the business on the Internet. DMbeti marketing offers a variety of options to fulfill your needs.

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Websites do not sell!!

Many companies nowadays have Internet websites but they haven't experienced a sales improvement. Many of those companies are the ones which got websites when it was cool to have one, or  later down the road when a website was a "must" if you wanted  to be taken seriously.

Reality is that the majority of medium and small size companies that got in the Internet because of the hype have never seen the profits of this investment. The reason is easy: they have been unable to catch up with technology.  Either you are a big company so you can invest or a techy guy in a garage. Medium and small size companies have not made technology their core competence and therefore they do not sell in the Internet.

Most of this websites  are just catalogues and do not allow any type of interaction with the final user, even those who have adapted  their website to the new communication styles with facebook twitter and so on integrated fail to generate sales. What is the problem? Resources

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