Video editing

With YouTube practically a household word and digital cameras and video-editing software becoming ever more sophisticated and affordable, making use of digital video as a marketing means by many businesses is now in vogue. Video marketing is a powerful tool. From supporting your SEM goals to getting visitors to click on the buy button, video can support a variety of business goals.

Video recording may it be in the field of work, entertainment, sports, education, or just any other special occasion in our life is of greet utility hence the need for video editing definitely comes along.

International markets expansion, challenges and solutions

Of what Importance are the Knowledge of Culture and Language when Evaluating Potential Export Markets?

Growth and success in today's global economy depend on being able to trade internationally. However, although the larger multinationals of the world have little or no trouble doing so, SMEs experience cultural barriers as well as language barriers among others when operating across borders.


Some of the most important foreign environmental information to know about a target export market are the political atmosphere, the economic stability, infrastructure, market potential, legal

considerations and the culture around exports. The success or failure of an export to a foreign market relies to a great extend on its cultural environment. The business world is littered with cultural gaffes that have had negative consequences. Having an insight into how another culture thinks and behaves allows one to tailor their approach and hence maximise their potential. Studies have shown that this aspect of export is heavily neglected when export managers are deciding on which markets to enter.


Market presence

You may want to have a presence in one or a number of the markets we cover; to satisfy existing customers and prospects, to manufacture, process or assemble products in a particular country, to protect against liability claims, and to minimize certain tax or custom duty-related costs.

A CRM's multifaceted solutions

Any business no matter its size has its customers. For all these customers, a company needs to have a good database with sufficient details about each of their customers. Companies usually make use of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for this purpose. This is a strategy which makes use of technology to help enterprises manage the relationships with their customers in an organised manner. It facilitates business processes especially at the sales level but also marketing, customer service and technical support. The objective of the CRM is to get new clients, support and retain already acquired clients and try to pull back those who had left. In addition CRM seeks to reduce the cost of marketing and customer service.

How to Secure More off-line Clients

We have been discussing online marketing, but it is important to remember that we would apply the same principles to obtain off line clients.

There are four basic steps,

  • Make a list of target customers

  • Do a market research

  • Establish yourself and your company as the experts

  • Deliver results and close the deal

Seeding, leads, emailing

whether selling products or services you need to be in constant contact with potential customers if you want to grow your business. DMbeti offers market analysis to identify who are your potential key customers, contacting them personally and systematically.

Customized service

The aim of outsourcing processes is to make the company more effectively and stop investing time and money in unprofitable areas.
Every business has repetitive tasks that do not add final value. DMbeti specializes in detecting and getting rid of these repetitive tasks in order for your company to focus on what you do best thus increasing earnings.

Generating leads

For a company that is just getting involved in the sales business, generating leads is not an easy task to do. This is much more difficult for a small business since there is usually a lack of expertise and limited time. Lead generation is a good strategy to use if you get profit for multi-level marketing (MLM)


Getting more people interested in having your products and services helps in growing sales. It is necessary that you identify your target audience first of all. Having a lead generation system that works is crucial if you want to attract important prospects that will become a key factor in your success. There are a few offline and online systems which can help generate leads and definitely help in your business growth. The online system is referred to as online lead generation or online feedback. These systems among others include:

Increase traffic and sales on facebook

Marketing through social media and facebook in particular is a marketing strategy used by many small businesses to increase traffic and sales thus enhance profits which results in much money. It is generally referred to as social media marketing. To generating traffic and sales through facebook there are 5 steps to follow:


  • You need to decide on your promotional strategy and your sales goal. This is a determining factor if you are seeking for an increase in traffic and sales on facebook.

  • You have to run your promotional strategy with creativity making use of facebook ads and page publishing.

    • You could make use of an exclusive tab so that people will need to like your page if they want to be active on your page. This will help to increase your fan base and definitely traffic and sales.

    • Use sponsored stories which usually appear on the right column of your facebook page to increase traffic and sales since they enable friends of a fan who interacts with your campaign to see your action.

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