How do I promote my facebook fan page?

This is a question which we often ask ourselves when we want to start up with promoting our fan page as many tend to use this as a social marketing strategy. Everyone seems to be on facebook now our days as shown by recent statistics. This is great for any business or non-profit organisation that is trying to reach out to as many as possible. Not having a facebook page is a huge mistake and if you have got one already, here are some tips on getting a good number of fans and passing the message through about your work.


Facebook search engines

Facebook's search features are not of great help for whome who has demanding search criterias. This has created a need for third party slutions, most of them concentrate on status update streams. But one has atracted our attention, it has a wide range of features discover it.

Increase traffic and sales on facebook

Marketing through social media and facebook in particular is a marketing strategy used by many small businesses to increase traffic and sales thus enhance profits which results in much money. It is generally referred to as social media marketing. To generating traffic and sales through facebook there are 5 steps to follow:


  • You need to decide on your promotional strategy and your sales goal. This is a determining factor if you are seeking for an increase in traffic and sales on facebook.

  • You have to run your promotional strategy with creativity making use of facebook ads and page publishing.

    • You could make use of an exclusive tab so that people will need to like your page if they want to be active on your page. This will help to increase your fan base and definitely traffic and sales.

    • Use sponsored stories which usually appear on the right column of your facebook page to increase traffic and sales since they enable friends of a fan who interacts with your campaign to see your action.

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