First release of our new prestashop snipets module

We are pleased to publiclly make available the first release of our new Prestashop module. It is a fork of the official blocklink module. Due to the need for more features regarding adding links to internal and external content, we had to develop this module adding features like images and text snipets as well as diferent presentation option. More feature will be implemented. You are free to use this module under a BSD license.

How to Secure More off-line Clients

We have been discussing online marketing, but it is important to remember that we would apply the same principles to obtain off line clients.

There are four basic steps,

  • Make a list of target customers

  • Do a market research

  • Establish yourself and your company as the experts

  • Deliver results and close the deal

Websites do not sell!!

Many companies nowadays have Internet websites but they haven't experienced a sales improvement. Many of those companies are the ones which got websites when it was cool to have one, or  later down the road when a website was a "must" if you wanted  to be taken seriously.

Reality is that the majority of medium and small size companies that got in the Internet because of the hype have never seen the profits of this investment. The reason is easy: they have been unable to catch up with technology.  Either you are a big company so you can invest or a techy guy in a garage. Medium and small size companies have not made technology their core competence and therefore they do not sell in the Internet.

Most of this websites  are just catalogues and do not allow any type of interaction with the final user, even those who have adapted  their website to the new communication styles with facebook twitter and so on integrated fail to generate sales. What is the problem? Resources


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Transformative technology leads to:
Outsourcing, softaware development, ecommerce and online marketing

The aim of outsourcing processes is to make the company more effectively and stop investing time and money in unprofitable areas.
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DMbeti provides a service to marketing agencies and advertising in various forms.
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