Outsourcing for Small Businesses

Outsourcing-allocating jobs that could be handled by in-house workers of a company to another company-is mostly used by larger companies which have been enjoying its benefits. Small and medium sized companies are fast involving in this after realising how advantageous it is to them. It saves money, time, and enables them focus on their core competences.

Online Marketing

Advertisement it is key for your business success. Online and offline resources needs to be explored in order to get the most out of every cent invested on advertisement.

DMBeti helps you to define the perfect marketing mix on the web, from key words purchaising, to design of mailing banners, sms, mms, mobile applications etc.

We specializes in corporate image analysis of Internet spontaneous opinion. By using proprietary ASOMO software ( we can analysis... more

whether selling products or services you need to be in constant contact with potential customers if you... more

Social networks have become the main way of getting the name of a company out to the market. If the product or service sold is focused on the public, you must be the... more

Flash presentation

In the corporate world, multimedia presentations are the most preferred channel of communication and business presentation. For spreading your message across the clients, investors and users, DMbeti can produce high quality flash based multimedia CD presentation at an affordable cost.

Graphic design

Corporate Identity:

A captivating logo, a glossy brochure or a nice visiting card can play a pivotal role in the building of the brand and corporate identity of your company. DMbeti can help your company to create a niche among the consumers through the logos, brochure, visiting card and graphic

Web design

A nice layout and a user friendly interface can make your website stand out of the crowd. DMbeti has the technically sound and creative designers to make such unique and attractive websites for any product. We use the latest software and programming

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