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Outsourcing for NGOs

A non-governmental organisation (NGO) is an autonomous citizen-based non-profit and non-politically linked organisation who works towards attaining the objectives for which they receive funds. Funding could come from governments, the UN, private trusts and philanthropies, individual donations, religious institutions and most of the time from other NGOs. An NGO is thus accountable to its particular funding organisations and members. Large NGOs for example have millions as budget. Raising such budget requires significant fundraising efforts on the part of most NGOs.

Outsourcing community management

Businesses have been making use of outsourcing of their community management as a strategy in their marketing system. This is very common with small businesses with limited resources. They usually outsource their community management to a qualified agency. As a community manager, clear cut strategies and tools need to be defined in order to successfully take care of the resources which may include products and services. As a business you should consider the following before outsourcing community management:

  • Cost; you should always make sure you develop and maintain a high standard for your brand and public image through adequate budgeting.

Facebook search engines

Facebook's search features are not of great help for whome who has demanding search criterias. This has created a need for third party slutions, most of them concentrate on status update streams. But one has atracted our attention, it has a wide range of features discover it.

SEO and other digital marketing tools

In my previous post I tried to give a gentle introduction to what SEO is, and why it matters. For website owners who need to get traffic to their websites, SEO is an investment in effort and money like any other that requires a pragmatical approach in order to asses if the expected ROI (Return On investment) justifies that investment. Time is an other factor that is to be taken in consideration, working for good SEO results takes some time as it depends on various factors like: the level of competition in your niche , the targeted keywords ...

Outsource Accounting

As mentioned in a previous post, jobs which are been outsourced are on a continuous increase. The service-sector has gone global in a good number of unexpected industries. Accounting firms too are following this trend first established by cost-conscious American manufacturers. Even Big companies are increasingly finding that in-house accounting is not delivering the service they want thus they take external help to run their accountancy department.

Services which could be outsourced by accounting firms are:

Outsourcing the export department of a company

The procedure associated with exports is so tedious for big corporations not to talk of what it looks like for small businesses with few employees and a bulk to do. Large export companies started with offshoring the production sector but now they tend to outsource much more than that.

Outsourcing the export department of a company is the right solution for companies involved in export but who lack an experienced staff to handle the difficulty to navigate and understand the rules and regulations associated to exports to foreign countries. This solution can be applied by SMEs and large companies; many SMEs will gain from this since it enables them save resources which they should have been spent on getting a fully staffed export department.

You are advised to let specialised experts take charge of all tasks which are not within your competence because of the complex nature of handling export control and international sales and shipments. You could decide to let outsourcers handle some fields in your export department such as

Generating leads

For a company that is just getting involved in the sales business, generating leads is not an easy task to do. This is much more difficult for a small business since there is usually a lack of expertise and limited time. Lead generation is a good strategy to use if you get profit for multi-level marketing (MLM)


Getting more people interested in having your products and services helps in growing sales. It is necessary that you identify your target audience first of all. Having a lead generation system that works is crucial if you want to attract important prospects that will become a key factor in your success. There are a few offline and online systems which can help generate leads and definitely help in your business growth. The online system is referred to as online lead generation or online feedback. These systems among others include:

Increase traffic and sales on facebook

Marketing through social media and facebook in particular is a marketing strategy used by many small businesses to increase traffic and sales thus enhance profits which results in much money. It is generally referred to as social media marketing. To generating traffic and sales through facebook there are 5 steps to follow:


  • You need to decide on your promotional strategy and your sales goal. This is a determining factor if you are seeking for an increase in traffic and sales on facebook.

  • You have to run your promotional strategy with creativity making use of facebook ads and page publishing.

    • You could make use of an exclusive tab so that people will need to like your page if they want to be active on your page. This will help to increase your fan base and definitely traffic and sales.

    • Use sponsored stories which usually appear on the right column of your facebook page to increase traffic and sales since they enable friends of a fan who interacts with your campaign to see your action.

Outsourcing for law practice

Small law firms are involved in legal issues but attorneys also have non-legal works to take care of on daily or temporally basis. It is not easy for them to take charge of both the administrative and legal functions especially considering the fact that small law firms have a limited number of employees. There is therefore a need for a quick and efficient solution, outsourcing.

Attorneys have been outsourcing their administrative and clerical tasks and activities not related to their legal department. These include areas such as:

Getting to SEO

The Internet since its advent is shaping the way humans are living. It has been compared very often to a spider's net, and this metaphor is true in so many ways. Its strings are surrounding a great deal of our lives' aspects. Although it is not meant to trap you, but for some people it feels just like so! This feeling is due to the fact of not knowing enough. The Internet is built, run, nest and is a dependency for a huge number of technologies, it was the center of hard work and achievements of millions of people for the paste decades and yet the best is to come. No one is required to wrap his mind around all it involves in order to feel comfortable using it and profit from it, yes profit! isn't it the single most reason behind the thriving it has.

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