Websites do not sell!!

Many companies nowadays have Internet websites but they haven't experienced a sales improvement. Many of those companies are the ones which got websites when it was cool to have one, or  later down the road when a website was a "must" if you wanted  to be taken seriously.

Reality is that the majority of medium and small size companies that got in the Internet because of the hype have never seen the profits of this investment. The reason is easy: they have been unable to catch up with technology.  Either you are a big company so you can invest or a techy guy in a garage. Medium and small size companies have not made technology their core competence and therefore they do not sell in the Internet.

Most of this websites  are just catalogues and do not allow any type of interaction with the final user, even those who have adapted  their website to the new communication styles with facebook twitter and so on integrated fail to generate sales. What is the problem? Resources

Any company who want to be successfull on the Internet need to dedicate their efforts to it.  Just like in the real world, in the virtual one we need to promote our services.   It is not enough to open our virtual store just  with the other 200 million stores in the Internet and expect that we are going to sell.  So the question is: how can I make the difference?

At one point the answer was clear: BE THE FIRST IN GOOGLE. Looked like if you are not in the first page in google it is impossible to achieve anything in the net, therefore  SEO SEM Page rank became the new religion. Marketing for machines and programmer we needed to sell our website to machine so google crawler will find it pretty ;-) humm .... nice fonts, nice menu, o nice tags this seems to be a nice website!  google says.

In this new religion programmers became its preacher making miracles by getting your website on the position 13  in google (no matter that normal 98% of us only look in the first google page :-/  ) . But it was still bad for small and medium size companies who could not afford to hire one of this guys, in order to have mediocre results..

But those time are gone *(not really)  Facebook, twitter, linkedin and other powerfull social networks have arrived, and making markeitng was never so easy and unexpensive. Everyone can do it, you just need to dedicate couple of hours everyday, making friends, solving doubts and obviously selling.

So if you have your own small company get the approach: DO IT YOURSELF!!   Yes,  you can do it on your own:  Seeding, Blogging, community management,  facebook, twiiter and linkedin profiles. Just get a few hours every day to do it, but if you are too busy we can always help you.

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