SEO and other digital marketing tools

In my previous post I tried to give a gentle introduction to what SEO is, and why it matters. For website owners who need to get traffic to their websites, SEO is an investment in effort and money like any other that requires a pragmatical approach in order to asses if the expected ROI (Return On investment) justifies that investment. Time is an other factor that is to be taken in consideration, working for good SEO results takes some time as it depends on various factors like: the level of competition in your niche , the targeted keywords ...

If you want immediate results and you are ready to spend as much as it is necessary, then may be SEM is a better choice for you. What's that and what's the difference? Well, SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, SEO is also about search engine marketing; but there is an unofficial convention to use SEM when talking about purchasing paid placements, sponsored links or various advertising aimed to improve the visibility of your website on Search Engine Result Pages also abbreviated to SERPs.

Among the most known SEM service providers are Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing, we will talk about these later. There is a trade-off to this immediate acquired presence, it is not as sustainable as SEO toughly gained positioning. Your website links will disappear as soon as your credit runs out on any adverting solution you might choose, so it is really important to have your website side optimized to have a good conversion rate.

So SEO is mostly for medium and long-term, and SEM is for the "NOW!" results. Those two might be combined in a well thought strategy in order for each one of them to amp up the effect of the other. Even though these two are great tools for ones digital marketing success, they are not the only options available. Other tools and strategies have also proved efficient, new and older ones; from the old advertising banners in targeted websites and pure emailing to the Tsunami of Social Media Optimization and marketing.

The trick is to know that each one of these tools is a peace of the puzzle of the wider Internet marketing; and without a predefined strategy that takes in consideration their qualities and flaws, the success of any digital marketing project is put in serious jeopardize. But to be really profitable on the Internet one does not have the luxury to ignore what powerful weapons SEO and its buddies are to out-pass the competition.

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