Increase traffic and sales on facebook

Marketing through social media and facebook in particular is a marketing strategy used by many small businesses to increase traffic and sales thus enhance profits which results in much money. It is generally referred to as social media marketing. To generating traffic and sales through facebook there are 5 steps to follow:


  • You need to decide on your promotional strategy and your sales goal. This is a determining factor if you are seeking for an increase in traffic and sales on facebook.

  • You have to run your promotional strategy with creativity making use of facebook ads and page publishing.

    • You could make use of an exclusive tab so that people will need to like your page if they want to be active on your page. This will help to increase your fan base and definitely traffic and sales.

    • Use sponsored stories which usually appear on the right column of your facebook page to increase traffic and sales since they enable friends of a fan who interacts with your campaign to see your action.

Facebook ads give you the possibility to reach out to your target audience thus you will be dealing with minimal advertiser competition. Nevertheless, you need to master the steps involved with facebook ads if you want to succeed.

  • Facebook gives you the possibility to create social experience at the point of purchase.

    • The Graph API allows people to like specific products.

    • It is important that you integrate post purchase sharing to let users publish to their wall.

    • Make offers to move people in store and check them in so that you can publish action back to friends.

  • Drive people to purchase online

    • Use facebook ads together with special offers.

    • Use sponsored stories for domains for boosting every time someone likes a product on your website.

  • Drive people to purchase offline

    • Connect your page to a geographical location where customers can buy.

    • Make special offers and premium events ads to drive people in store.

    • Amplify word of mouth by running sponsored stories for check-ins.

Taking these steps as your practice guide will bring you much benefits if you are seeking to increase traffic and sales via facebook. Increase in traffic will definitely lead to sale which is your final marketing goal.


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