How to Secure More off-line Clients

We have been discussing online marketing, but it is important to remember that we would apply the same principles to obtain off line clients.

There are four basic steps,

  • Make a list of target customers

  • Do a market research

  • Establish yourself and your company as the experts

  • Deliver results and close the deal

We all know that getting new clients is difficult and that they are the base to start or to keep any business going. So, how do you get new potential clients?

There are hundreds of potential places, but to make it simple for this article, locate the local business magazine for your location. Businesses that invest in local magazines or newspaper advertisement need to be online, but they do not know how to go about it.

Once you make a list of possible businesses that need commercial presence online, investigate deeper to find out if they have any online presence, like an information website, etc. Then find out if they have an advertisement budget by researching on Google, Valpack and other sites.

As an example, let us use a local dentist office. If during the market research you find this particular business in the right hand column of Google, the one with paid advertisement, they will immediately become prospects. For less sophisticated companies, they could be doing advertisement on local sites such as, or the equivalent for your city, where customer look for online discount coupons . If that particular dentist office you are targeting is already offering a 10% or 20% discount to first time visitors, they go in the list of potential customer. By applying this simple technique, in just a few months, your online business could add hundreds of potential new customers.

The next step is to help these businesses with their commercial online presence. This could be just a simple website upgrade with maps, automatic appointments, etc. Alternatively, a complete site renovation implementing effective commercial and marketing strategies with advance SEO techniques for easy business online grow.

With this info at hand, put together an offer that they cannot refuse. This is done by adding value to those businesses with proven online commercial strategies at fair prices, but we will review that in another article.

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