How do I promote my facebook fan page?

This is a question which we often ask ourselves when we want to start up with promoting our fan page as many tend to use this as a social marketing strategy. Everyone seems to be on facebook now our days as shown by recent statistics. This is great for any business or non-profit organisation that is trying to reach out to as many as possible. Not having a facebook page is a huge mistake and if you have got one already, here are some tips on getting a good number of fans and passing the message through about your work.


Invite your friends to join Using the “Suggest to Friends”

There’s a great myth that once you create a facebook fan page for your business, the first thing you should do to get fans is invite ALL your friends from your personal profile using the “Suggest to Friends” feature. Don’t ask everyone, just your pals who may truly be interested. You probably have your personal friends and professional colleagues segmented into lists on your facebook home page; invite these lists as groups to your facebook fan page instead of sending individual invites. This is the easiest and fastest way to jump-start your fan base. This strategy may not be that effective and can often backfire. The strategy does depend on the number of friends you have, your relationship with your friends, how often you suggest fan pages/friends to your friends, etc

Create fresh and tasty content

Keep the content fresh. Don’t forget the viral nature of facebook. When someone interacts on your page it may appear on that person’s facebook feed, promoting your page to their friends. Add personal photos, personal welcome-videos are also great. It will also be beneficial to provide a place for interaction/self promotion. Don’t leave your fans hanging. Respond to comments on your page. Ask them questions in the discussion board.  When someone new becomes a fan of your page, send a message to say hello. Do they use Twitter? Follow them, or send a direct message reminding them that there are tissue and blood people behind the business’ page, and that you’re interested in them, not just your stats.


Try facebook social ads

The best thing about facebook is that it can be very well-targeted (this won’t work for all niches and campaign types but sometimes it works quite well). This strategy requires a small budget, but can be very effective in finding your target market. The facebook ad campaign can be targeted to location, age group, sex, education, keywords, workplace, relationship status, language, connections (fan page, event or group) –for example target fans of your competitor, friends’ connections. It is important to target the proper demographic if not your page won’t grow.

Facebook Fan Page Twitter App

This is a great tool that brings your Twitter followers back to your fan page. You can link your page to your Twitter account. There you can select to share status updates, links, photos, notes, and events with your followers on Twitter, directly from your Facebook Page thus promoting it to your Twitter followers. With this, twitter followers have the option to become fans of your page right at that moment if they click on the link from twitter. The same can be done with other social media.

Create an incentive to join

Give people a reason to become fans on your page for there are many facebook pages out there. You can require facebook users to become fan of your fan page in order to enter a contest, sweepstakes, drawing or competition; have a monthly prize draw just for your fans, offer a discount to an upcoming event, or make special announcements on your page before you do elsewhere.

You can be sure that this is not an easy task and it demands a lot of time. SMEs will definitely find their way through if they decide to outsource this to experts at a cheaper rate since they do not have enough budgets. Outsourcing saves a lot of time and allows you to focus on your core objective. Moreover, work is completed within the agreed time period. DMBeti,, is a marketing company which provides all digital related services, social media management inclusive. Outsourcing the promotion of your fan page to us will bring nothing short of benefits to you.

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