Generating leads

For a company that is just getting involved in the sales business, generating leads is not an easy task to do. This is much more difficult for a small business since there is usually a lack of expertise and limited time. Lead generation is a good strategy to use if you get profit for multi-level marketing (MLM)


Getting more people interested in having your products and services helps in growing sales. It is necessary that you identify your target audience first of all. Having a lead generation system that works is crucial if you want to attract important prospects that will become a key factor in your success. There are a few offline and online systems which can help generate leads and definitely help in your business growth. The online system is referred to as online lead generation or online feedback. These systems among others include:

  • Lead buying from internet search engines; make use of the Pay Per Click Search Engines to attract target audience by using Google AdWords. Make the PPCSEs to become important parts of your strategy for generating your leads. This is part of online traffic generation efforts.

  • Get referrals; this could be through word of mouth or from social media like twitter. People will be prompted to get what you offer if friends tell them about it.

  • Cold calling is an unavoidable activity when a business wants to break through; you need to master the cold calling tips for it to be efficient in lead generation.

  • Advertising; through word of mouth or viral advertising along with online advertising using social media. Seek to advertise on the best platforms and popular websites for this will alarm many about your product or service.

  • Email marketing; this is part of the online networking strategy. You need to get a mailing list and send mails to each person in the list or to a group following the emailing procedure for lead generation.

  • Hire an expert company for lead generation; you could also buy leads from lead brokers and leads companies. Hiring a lead generation company though has many more advantages as they could provide you with a couple of other services such as social media marketing.


All companies have goods and services they need to sell thus there is a need to generate leads. Generating leads is a time consuming and very difficult task. Small businesses will rather outsource this to professionals so that they have time for what is really important in their business. Many companies use lead generation to help grow their business and they like this strategy. Greg Preite from Amway distributors said that he gets about 5-10 prospects per day and it cost him noting. Getting many leads is a guarantee for sales.